No Life

Hi, I'm back. But not back to tell you experiences about traveling or anything like that. This is more of a boring routine. Traveling took time off from college and had a hard time taking the day off. But after that lecture, I'm in a phase. And you know? It turns out the burden of my former life pales in comparison to the present moment.

Since I started work early in 2019 until late 2019 "I never traveled". Why? It's not about money, it's about time and workload. So many times I make a schedule for traveling but always fail. 2019 it's a really little national holiday that I had to save a weekend for one day. But the reality was harsh. The weekend I had to weekend sacrifices for the job. Hours and workdays should be normal, anyone would want them. Working Monday through Friday a week, taking Saturday and Sunday to rest and vacation. But you won't be able to do that when you startup.

The start-up job was exciting, the place was flexible. You can work in an office, on the street, at home, in a cafe, bedtime, lunch hour, weekend, national holidays, even when you're sick. But if you're dead you're not gonna work because the company's gonna replace you.

I live but don't have a life


  1. Wah menarik-menarik banget nih perjalanan nya, penulisannya juga menarik. Sering sering upload dong buat jadi refrensi saya hehe

    1. Makasih udah berkunjung sobat traveler.
      Saat ini travelkoba masih dalam tahap pengembangan dari sisi konten. Maaf kalo jarang update karena samkoba_ sedang menghadapi rutinitas yang membuatnya ga bisa traveling. Mohon dukungan berupa kritik dan saran ya sob

  2. Mantap bro, semoga cepat resign. Ditunggu cerita traveling lainnya. :d


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