Go Into Exile

My routine isn't far from technology. The smartphone and the laptop become a mandatory friend who has to be greeted every morning. The words in the algorithm are commonplace, don't ever forget the activities involved in social media.

I'm bored!

Tired of spending time in front of monitors, flaunting everything on social media, and adventurous worlds that aren't real. I wish I could walk away from all this. Go someplace far away from people who've come into my life and left me behind on my routine. 
I want to be somewhere alone. 
Looking at the beautiful blue sky, listening to the roar of the opposite sides of the waves, and feeling the cool wind beneath the trees. Really, I'll miss those moments.


  1. Replies
    1. Jalan-jalan ke Bangka Belitung, Terima kasih sudah berkunjung 🙏

  2. Ayo cobain liburan bareng min, tanpa teknologi ngerefresh pikiran:)

    1. Hai Pips, mau liburan kemana nih? silahkan isi datanya di chatbot samkoba pada menu "Travel with me". Ditunggu yak (o)


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