Why is it Different

These pair of retinas are ceaselessly enjoying the fruits of the almighty on many sides. Soon a pair of retinas froze as I looked southwest. Something is different than usual. While the trees were so sturdy that they stood with the verdant foliage roundabout, this time I saw an old, dry, leafless tree. I even thought the tree might be dead. The tree is in the middle of a tiny island not far from where I stand. I tried to ignore it, but my retinas were staring at the tree with their mysterious eyes. Without any second thought, I swam to cut open the ocean to get a closer look at the tree.

What a blast!

That was my first impression when I first set foot on this tiny island. I walked up to the tree, stood right next to it, and kept looking at it. This tree looks bad when I see it from afar but is amazed when I am around it.

Turns out being different is beautiful and it's not as bad as I thought.

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