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Sibayak Mountain

Mount Sibayak is a class of active volcanoes that have hot steam. In addition, the eruption that occurred some time ago was enough to shake the rocks at the top of the mountain. The condition is quite "irregular" at the top of the rocks, becoming its own uniqueness that attracts tourists who like to test their adrenaline to try to conquer Mount Sibayak until it reaches its peak. The view of the sun rising from the top of the mountain will make you stunned. The appearance of sunlight will hit your face giving a warm atmosphere, replacing the cold air that covered your trip overnight. Yes, for the sake of seeing the sunrise it's so crowded that climbers choose to climb at night. Ideally, you should start at the foot of the mountain at 2:00 in the morning. No need to worry, because the atmosphere at night will still amaze you. Plus the lights of the houses of people who illuminate the sky of Mount Sibayak. For a moment it makes you feel like you are on the moon because of your footing during a rocky climb.
In addition to the beauty of the peak view, the flow of water from between the mountain rocks will greatly refresh you. Many residents use it as a source of drinking water. The water is cold and very clear. This is the main reason that the flowing mountain water source has become one of the water sources for "AQUA" brand bottled water.

Apart from the peak area, Mount Sibayak still holds its grandeur. Another area that is often used as a photo object for climbers is the Mount Sibayak crater. Inside this crater lies a rock with a sulfur crater covering an area of 40,000 meters. The content of solfatara makes it not stop spitting hot steam. The sloping part can be used as a place for you to rest for a while in a tent. Weekends or school holidays will greatly affect the increase in the number of mountain climbers.

Departing from the city of Medan, you will travel a distance of 77 km with approximately 2 hours to reach Berastagi. You can choose two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. After that, to reach the location, there are two choices of routes, including trips from Berastagi or from the Village of Semangat Gunung.
There are three entrances of the mountain forest that you can choose to go to the top of Mount Sibayak. Tracing the path along the tropical forest and steep cliffs. The entrance is via Raja Berneh Village (Mountain Spirit), Line 54, Standing Corn Stew and Jaranguda which is about 500 meters from Berastagi City.

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