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Merapi Lava Tour

Merapi is an active mountain in the special province of Yogyakarta. It erupted in 2010. For some reason, nearby communities viewed Mount Merapi as a mountain of unhaunted nature, even to the point of having a keyman known as "the great Mbah Maridjan." This lock-master has all the elements on mount Merapi, ranging from predicting natural disasters to hacking into the supernatural and interacting with Supernatural creature. Unfortunately, in 2010 the mountain experienced a devastating eruption, even bunkers for researchers being developed to provide shelter in the event of an unexpected disaster. The bunker was called kali adem. Not far from the bunker was a village and home of Mbah Maridjan. When I went into his home in 2017, I was shocked to see the contents of his house broken some pieces. Like a house in which only broken foundations, a car in which only broke skeletons, and cattle in which only bones.

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