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Sukuh Temple

Of the many temples in Indonesia, the Sukuh Temple among the most attractive. That's because the shape of this temple is unlike that of the Hindu temple in general. It resembles, in fact, the pyramid of the Aztecs of Mexico. Furthermore, temples have reliefs and idols that vulgarly retain sexuality. Male genital organs, as well as females, were clearly depicted in carved reliefs and idols displayed in various temple sections. The phallus and yoni symbols representing the gender of men and women are also clearly engraved in this temple that has existed since the 15th century. From downtown solo, the temples can take approximately 1.5 hours by road. Make sure that the car you're riding is in perfect condition, because the road to this beautiful temple is sloping up and down, the slope, and the turnoff is quite steep. The more anxious journey finally paid off upon reaching the temple of sukuh. After paying the admission fee for 7k IDR thousand and the cloth's rent went straight into the temple complex. Unlike his brother, which was a temple of 13 terraces, sukuh temple consisted of only 3. The first terrace is a gateway. The second terrace is filled with distorted idols. And then, on the third terrace, we can see the main temple building that is shaped like a pyramid. Well, around this main temple building are some sexually pitched reliefs. We have a statue of a man with no head on his shoulders
Historians also have the opinion of those erotic reliefs that holds meaning, when one has stepped on a relief, it clears itself of all the dirt. It is proper for men who worship in temples to give up worldly matters, including sexuality. The temple of sukuh becomes a living portrait of a mixture of Hindu teachings and Indonesian natives. This megalithic cultural heritage is to be preserved so that our children and grandchildren can see it.

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