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Merbabu Mountain

Hello, trekkers. This time I will tell you a story about the climb to mount merbabu. 
Mount merbabu is one of Indonesia's most beautiful mountains. It is famous for mountains of "storm" and beautiful meadows. Merbabu located north of Vulcan (Yogyakarta). Yet this merbabu mountain has entered the central Java region. A little side of the story, I wanted to climb mount merbabu with nothing but "determination ". I felt challenged, what if I climbed the mountain alone. At that time, I had in mind, nothing bad was going to happen, and then I prepared all the logistics and consumption needed for this survival exercise.

Earlier I prepared this all while in Bogor. It just so happened that the next day there was a field trip from my department, which is computer engineering. The field trip's final destination is Jogja. So I went up from Bogor with a carrier capacity of 80 l. Hahaha... To their surprise, they had a three-day field trip, but I carried with me this much supplies. Long story short of all field trip activities ended, my friends on their way back to Bogor, while I stayed in Jogja. I happen to have a brother on Jogja guys. So the next day, I said goodbye to my brother at Jogja, and I told them I wanted to conquer mount merbabu, but when they asked me "with whom" I had to lie by saying, "with my friends." I don't have any nature-loving friends, and I will climb the mountain with courage.

But I found that my misguided intentions were not approved by god. When I arrived at the Jogja terminal to continue the solo bus, I met two women from UII and UIN Jogja. They're named miss Shelly and Melly. We got acquainted and chatted a little. It turns out they will also climb mount merbabu. wowww... An incomplete stupidity.. Finally, I was offered by them to join. And I will not deny it. Hehe

We were going to take the solo bus and found out that we also met a man from Kudus. Turns out she's also gonna climb mount merbabu alone. Yes, we finally offered to go for a hike, and he said “yes”

When we got to solo, while we were waiting for the transit bus to Boyolali, we met with 7 Surabaya men who were going to climb mount merbabu, and finally, my intent was to climb mount merbabu alone and to change into a climbing rope of 11 people.

Really, they're all good people. Although I was new to them, they were willing to share my food, equipment, and even wait for me when I was tired. Eventually, I learned a lot from them that even if you go alone, you will have to multiply your relationships

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