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Can't Choose

If I had chosen that, my life wouldn't be like this.

It couldn't be helped, many times those words came to mind. The form of regret and disappointment at being wrong about something. Once I changed the way I see things to be more careful about choosing or even not choosing at all. I try to walk between two sides, pick not wholeheartedly, and turn away when I feel bad. Yeah, I'm walking in the comfort zone. I am grey between black and white, the coast between sea and land, the dusk between day and night. I'm comfortable with it all, but I can tell you from a little heart that the life I've been leading has been like a loser who has no convictions and always stays in the comfort zone.

In the end, I chose to get out of my comfort zone. I will no longer be grey, seaside, nor twilight. I am black in the middle of the dark sea of night. I realize that naturally, this life is full of choices, every choice has its challenges and consequences to face. And now, I'm not what I used to be.


  1. Terima kasih sudah mewakili perasaan saya. Wkwk
    1. Sama-sama kak. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung
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