What is camouflage?

Perhaps briefly, that camouflage changes something from what it looks like to being disguised whether it's shape, color, attitude or face. This camouflage results in a different object to be identical to the environment around it.

The same is true for humans. Often we see people who are new in an environment that differs from their identity but who have camouflage so that they can be seen and matched their environment and associations.

Do you know who it was?

That person are you!

Have you ever tried to follow others? 

Would you ever change for someone else's sake?
Have you ever pretended to be someone else?
Do you get comfortable with any of that?

Answer it all in your heart!
Aren't you sick of all this?
Trying to abandon your identity to fit into your environment.

Listen to your little heart cry trying to tell you.
"I'm not who I am"
Then why are you still putting up with the pretense.?
Live life as it is, don't sacrifice what you are.

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