Colored Lake

This is the new blogging season. Anyway, Since I'm still busy so please forgive me for might just post it today Hope to be forgiven

To be honest, since 2018, I could not study properly. 
Why? Because I am currently in a final phase and am every day haunted by the tasks.
My goal is to focus on the task at hand. But it hasn't come out yet. Damn shit!

Okay, skip purviews don't matter. So those eid holidays I had a break to the summit to overcome boredom. So I went up there with a friend. Call her name "Kimcil". But he's a man. LOL 😆

Anyway, we didn't know what to do at the top, but we decided to go to the lake. This is my first time playing at this place. So when we went in around 4:00 p.m. No one watched the window, we got in without paying. Yay!

Apparently, after entering the lake area, my expectations suddenly changed. What I've seen on Instagram before is the color of the lake in blue, but once I'm there it's the color of the lake that's like the ciliwung river.

Oh my god, I was tricked by Adobe Lightroom and VSCO. But let's agree that if you want to display a great picture of an Instagram editor, this place is perfect. But if you want to take a vacation and enjoy the beauty, think about it some more...😏

By the way, besides a lake surrounded by trees and flanked by sturdy cliffs, we have many monkeys here. So the monkeys here are real wild monkeys, but they're friendly to visitors. If you have food, you can call him. They will come. But don't try to catch the monkey here, even if it's just one. Why? Because of the cluster. If you hurt a monkey, then his army will go down fighting to the death.

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